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Our school program runs from September 1 to June 30 with an optional summer session from July 1 to August 31st. We offer a Montessori based program incorporated within an academic structure to prepare students with skills necessary for the formal school system.


Each classroom at Montessori Children's School offers a prepared environment which allows children to develop at their own pace.  Materials and "jobs" are carefully made to self-teach the child. This is referred to "control of error" that enables the teachers to evaluate the child's understanding and to correct the child without negative reinforcement. The goal is to motivate the child to learn and experience independently within a safe structure.


A natural "social order" is attained by helping the child make choices based on their feelings. Our program educated through the child's mind by teaching strategies that include monthly virtues and language of those virtues, guiding behavior and helping children learn to choose actions that will lead to positive results. In this way children are establishing a foundation of respect for others and for the environment that will go with them throughout their lives.


Our school readiness program focuses on preschool and pre-kindergarten, preparing children both socially and academically. Pre-Kindergarten children are offered a homework program that helps build the beginning of a very important Home/School Connection.


Parents are encouraged to attend a planned Parent/Teacher conference in January and again in June. Teacher's keep records on each child's development and mastery of skills to share with parents at these meetings.

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